Living the Premium Lifestyle

Keeping the Faith

THRIVE has given Jessica and Greg Adkins more energy to fulfill their pastoral duties.

Last April, Jessica Adkins was worried about her husband, Greg. The two had hectic days, to say the least: They both pastored at their local church, participated in mission work and ran Christian youth camps all summer long – all while raising four children. 

But Greg was having some health issues and struggling with his weight, “and he wasn’t the greatest patient,” Jessica says. He would start taking supplements recommended by his doctor, but “he wasn’t the most compliant person, and he constantly would forget to take them.”

A Promoter in their area sent them mini THRIVE Experiences, and Jessica’s interest was piqued. Because the program could be completed in the morning in three simple steps, she says, “he actually stuck with it.”

Greg started feeling much better and he lost weight (eventually shedding 40 pounds and six inches). “His doctor told him that whatever he was doing, he should keep doing it,” she says. At the same time, Jessica, who also was principal at their church’s Christian academy, suddenly found herself “with tons of energy,” she says. 

“My to-do list is always a mile long, and I was slaying it.” 

The two decided to become Promoters to share their Experiences with others who might be looking to live a healthier lifestyle. “We did one Facebook Live video and it took off from there,” Jessica says. In it, the couple described the lifestyle changes they were making and how it was giving them more energy to minister to their congregation. 

“We know a lot of people, so they saw firsthand how THRIVE was helping us, and they wanted the same thing for themselves,” she says. “We got tons of Facebook messages back just from that first video.”

The Adkins kept making videos and showing people not only how THRIVE was making them feel better, but how becoming Promoters was improving their lifestyle. In one video, the two talk about the new house they’ve been able to build. 

“My to-do list is always a mile long, and I was slaying it.”

“We make posts that aren’t sales-y,” she says. “We’ll never say something like, ‘message me for details.’ We just share real life and want people to see our success for themselves.”

The couple recently qualified for their Auto Bonuses – Jessica got a Cadillac and Greg selected a Mercedes. “The fact that we were able to get new cars was such a blessing,” she says.

Now, as the Adkins continue their ministerial activities, they realize they need THRIVE more than ever. “The product is exactly what we needed,” she says. Besides their four kids “a ton of other kids are always coming over to the house. We’ve definitely got a full plate, and THRIVE came into our life to help us with that.”

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