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Renewed Faith

Elishea Moore

Elishea Moore still remembers the worst day of her life.

It was late 2013, she had just lost her corporate job, and her daughter had been diagnosed with lupus. The medical bills were rolling in. Moore felt herself experiencing mental and emotional stress. Her blended family, which included seven children, had been relying on public housing and government assistance to make ends meet.

“One morning, I found myself in the fetal position on the floor, just crying and praying,” she says. “I said, ‘God, something has to give.’ ”

And then something unexpected happened. Moore found herself browsing Facebook, and something caught her eye. A person she barely knew posted a quote that read, “Making money without your health is ludicrous.”

Moore was intrigued, so she sent a message to the contact. “I wasn’t the type of person who invested in self-care,” she says. “I always figured the body rejuvenated itself on its own.”

Her contact sent her a video about the THRIVE Experience and how it gave people more energy, “My eyes were opened,” she says.

“Trust the process. Don’t overthink things.”

After trying the THRIVE Experience and feeling her mood and energy levels go “off the charts,” Moore found out that she could THRIVE for free by signing up other Promoters – and earn cash bonuses for reaching certain milestones.

“I figured this was some kind of trial offer – why would they let me THRIVE for free?” she asked.

Moore became a Promoter and never looked back. Just four months later, she earned her first Lifestyle Getaway and met Le-Vel Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. “They told me, ‘Trust us, this is going to change your life,’ ” she says. “And I grabbed onto that hope.”

Moore came back from the trip and “ate, slept and breathed THRIVE” for several months. As she worked her new business, she began to gain the financial freedom that she and her family had always yearned for.

First, she was able to buy her daughter her high school class ring – something she’d never been able to do for her children before. “I was always the parent who had to say ‘no’ to school activities because we just didn’t have the money,” she says. But suddenly, Moore was saying ‘yes’ to lots of things. She has been able to put two of her children through college. And she recently was able to contribute to her daughter’s medical bills when her daughter was pregnant with Moore’s grandson.

“Now I sit and look out the window and can’t believe how I got here,” she says. She often pictures herself on her darkest day, lying in the fetal position on the floor.

“I’m so thankful I didn’t overthink this opportunity or pass it by,” she says. “I jumped in and trusted the process – and now I have the life I always dreamed of.”

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