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A Family Affair

Atrayu Adkins and his wife, Ivyonna North, have figured out the perfect recipe for balancing work and family life

Three years ago, Atrayu Adkins and Ivyonna North were new parents who rarely had a chance to spend time together. Atrayu spent 100-plus hours a week working construction jobs and balancing a position as a personal trainer at a local gym, while Ivyonna balanced motherhood with a job as a mental health aide at a state hospital.

“We were just trying to do everything we could to keep our heads above water,” says Atrayu, who was 25 years old at the time. (Ivyonna was only 19.) “We weren’t even thinking about quality of life at that point.”

After seeing her now-husband (the couple married two years ago) collapse on the couch every night when he got home at 11 p.m., Ivyonna knew something had to change. A friend offered her a free trial of the THRIVE Experience, and the two figured they had nothing to lose. Ivyonna tried it first and added the three simple steps to her morning routine. By Day 3, both she and Atrayu noticed a big difference. 

We definitely work hard and play hard. It’s very important to schedule
free time so you don’t burn yourself out.”

“She used to struggle through daily chores, but suddenly her energy level skyrocketed,” he says. “That’s when I decided to jump on board.” Atrayu previously had tried to get through his long workdays by drinking three energy drinks per day, but the drinks had little effect. So he, too, tried the THRIVE Experience and says he immediately felt as great as Ivyonna did.

The two realized they wanted to share their experience with others via social media, and they became Promoters. Eventually, they decided to quit their jobs and become full-time THRIVERS. 

As they grow their business, they continue to expand their family as well. The two had a second daughter and recently adopted a third. The best part: As Promoters, they are able to carve out more time in their day for their growing family. “We work really hard, but we have a ton of fun, too,” says Atrayu. The couple has made several family trips to Disneyland and they all love to visit waterparks. “In our past jobs, we never, ever got to go on vacation,” Atrayu says. “Now, on a Monday morning, we might just wake up and decide to go boating, and off we go.” This month, the couple will celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary during the Cabo San Lucas Getaway sponsored by Le-Vel. “If you’d asked me a few years ago what our life would be like right now, I never could have imagined this,” Atrayu says. 

“Not in a million years could we have predicted that we’d be living the kind of life where we could really be present for each other and our family,” adds Ivyonna. “We’re incredibly blessed.”

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