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Leanna Hargrove

Like many brand-new moms, Leanna Hargrove found herself fretting about child care after she gave birth to her daughter Gracelyn just over a year ago.

“I needed to work, but the thought of getting a babysitter just made me so depressed,” says the young mom. “I couldn’t imagine leaving her.”

Then, seemingly “out of nowhere,” the opportunity to become a THRIVE Promoter fell into her lap.

Hargrove had been watching her youth pastor’s THRIVE Experience, and then a woman who went to her church approached her about THRIVE.

Wanting to shed some baby weight and gain more energy, Hargrove decided to try THRIVE.

“By Day 10, I had improved mental clarity, which was really shocking,” she says. In the past, Hargrove says she “was the kind of person who walked into a room and would forget what I was doing there.”

“I didn’t even carry a purse because I knew I would lose it,” she says, “but that all changed when I started THRIVING.”

“Push past your fears and great things will happen.”

In addition, she says she no longer felt bloated and began to sleep better.

Hargrove says friends and members of her church immediately took notice. “People were flooding my inbox and stopping me and asking me to talk to them about what I was doing,” she says. “I had no choice but to become a Promoter.”

Even then, Hargrove says she didn’t really think that being a Promoter could be an alternative to taking a job out of the home – and away from her baby. Then, her Promoter friend bought her a ticket to Le-Vel’s THRIVEPALOOZA, an annual gathering where she met other THRIVERS. She almost didn’t go because she didn’t like to travel, but her friend encouraged her to make the trip.

At THRIVEPALOOZA, Hargrove remembers telling another attendee that she didn’t know if she could be a Promoter because she was often hesitant to try new things. “She told me that if something is scary, that’s when you know big things are going to happen,” she remembers. “That really hit home for me.”

Now, Hargrove uses that philosophy to push past her fears as she continues to be successful as a Promoter. She earned her Auto Bonus in just 50 days, and she carried her team to 40K in just three months. Even better, being a Promoter has allowed her to fulfill her dream of being a stay-at-home mom.

Whenever she doubts herself, Hargrove says, she remembers that feeling uncomfortable can be a very good thing.

“I just keep doing the things I’m scared to do, and big things end up happening,” she says.

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