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“Welcome to My Office”

THRIVE superstar Mauria Dillard offers a peek into her workspace – and reveals how her home office helps her stay motivated

Since Mauria Dillard became a Le-Vel Promoter in October of 2013, she’s worked her business in many different spaces. “When I first launched it, I didn’t have any privacy in my home so I literally headed into my closet to do calls,” says the mom of four, who eventually became one of Le-Vel’s first Millionaire Award recipients.

Later, when she and her large family were crammed into a 31-foot camper while their dream home was built, she would sit in her car for hours to reach out to prospective THRIVERS. “The people I was talking to probably thought I was sitting in a plush office with a chandelier,” she says with a laugh, “and that was clearly not the case. But I did what I had to do at the time.”

Now, Dillard has a plush office –chandelier included – and though she stresses that having a home office isn’t necessary to run a THRIVE business, it’s been a helpful tool as she continues to build her billion-dollar team.

Take a peek into her workspace and learn her tips for creating an office space that works.

“My furniture reminds me of where I came from.”

I have pieces that remind me of where I was before, which is so important on this journey. My desk has been repurposed a couple of times. I bought it when I was a single mom in my very first home. I’ve had it for years and years, but I’ve transformed it. It’s beautiful now – it even has mirrors.

My armoire is a used piece of bedroom furniture I bought when my husband and I got married. My computer and printer sit on a hutch that we had in a barn we lived in while our house was being built.

Having these items around keeps me grounded. It’s a reminder that I don’t ever want to go backwards in life.

“I surround myself with inspiring pictures and quotes.”

One of my favorite things to look at in my office is a picture of the very first recognition ceremony for people who won the Le-Vel Millionaire Award. I was lucky enough to be up on that stage. Of course, I also have displayed every milestone award leading up to then, including my 200K banner. That’s front and center. And I am always posting inspirational quotes given to me by my teammates. One of my current favorites is, “If not now, when?”

“My vision board takes center stage.”

I recently put up a new board, as I do every year. I actually bring my kids in my office when I’m taking one year’s down and adding items for next year’s, because it’s important for them to see what I’m working toward. And they get to be involved in helping me set my personal goals. Of course, the boards have changed over the years. When I started out in the business, I had a lot of debt, so my vision board was all about getting rid of that. Eventually I put my dream house up there, and we’ve been able to make that happen. I’ve had pictures up of various cars I’ve been able to earn. But I haven’t stopped dreaming big. Now, I include a lot of family experiences.

My son is a baseball player, so a recent goal was to take him to Fenway Park in Boston and Yankee Stadium in New York. Making memories happen with my kiddos is a big deal.

“I’ve got the right tech tools.”

In addition to having multiple phone chargers and a power strip, I have a Sonos speaker that I plug my phone into. That maximizes the volume when I do corporate calls, which I like to stream to my team and put on my public Facebook page.

“I sit smack dab in the middle of the house.”

Many Promoters are moms working from home, doing this while raising kids. For those of us in that position, it’s important not to seclude yourself from the family. My office is right off the kitchen and has doors. I can keep the doors open and can be completely engaged with my family, but I can close the doors whenever I need to host a call. I like to be able to view what’s going on in the house at all times. A friend of mine has designed her office so that it looks out into the backyard, so she can see her kids playing. Not only do we need to be able to interact with our kids, but it’s important that they are able to see us working. I like for my kids to see that I’m home all day but am working really hard.

A Pop of Color

Just as lighting can set the mood for a productive day, so can color. While most entrepreneurs like to match the colors of their office space with the rest of the home, an accent wall or colorful furniture finishes and accents can help set the tone. Here are some colors to consider, based on the effect you want to create:

Yellow = Happiness
Psychologists say yellow, used sparingly, can lift one’s spirit and create a sense of happiness. It is also a natural self-esteem raiser.

Green = Focus
According to color consultants, green is the least fatiguing color for your eyes (a great benefit if you’re constantly on your laptop or smartphone). It’s also known to have a calming effect and promote focus. Don’t reserve this color just for paint: Green your office with plants to boost the calming effect.

Orange = Energy
Warm and vibrant pops of orange can be an instant, natural energy booster and evoke enthusiasm and creativity.

Blue = Productive
There’s a reason blue is used in many corporate settings: It is known to promote both serenity and productivity. One cautionary note: Select warmer tones, as blue shades are sometimes seen as cold and distant.

Pink = Calm & Creative
While most corporate settings may not feature a pink accent wall, the color can make a nice addition to a home office, promoting calmness while boosting creativity. Pink is also associated with kindness, making it the ideal hue for anyone whose business includes helping others.

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