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Tina Lieu

In early 2019, Tina Lieu was working full-time managing a hair salon and freelancing as a wedding make-up artist on the weekends.

“I enjoyed my career, but my time was not my own,” Lieu says. “I worked every single day of the week, year-round.” Because of her busy schedule, Lieu said her health and mood also suffered. “Since I was always rushing around, I ate fast food nonstop,” she says. “I started piling on the weight, and my energy was low.”

It was around that time that Lieu’s friend posted a picture of herself on Facebook looking slender with the caption, “Ask me how my bloat is gone.”

That piqued Lieu’s interest, and she reached out to her friend, who told her about THRIVE. Lieu decided to try the product, and a few days into her THRIVE Experience, clients noticed she had more energy. Lieu told them, “It’s my new vitamins!”

As Lieu talked to more people about THRIVE, many wanted to try the product as well. She became a Promoter so that she could THRIVE for free, but Lieu had little interest in taking on a new business opportunity — until her friend convinced her to attend THRIVEPALOOZA “I’d worked a wedding every weekend for five years, but coincidentally, [the weekend of the convention], the wedding was canceled and I had no excuse not to go. I took that as a sign.”

Lieu listened to the stories of successful Promoters who took the stage and was struck by the fact that many were from small towns or had little experience using social media before they discovered THRIVE. “I thought to myself, ‘I’m social media savvy and have a big network of clients. If these people can be successful, surely, I can, too!”

That was a turning point for Lieu. Just months after she came back from THRIVEPALOOZA, the salon where she worked closed and all of her weddings were canceled.

But Lieu had been ramping up her THRIVE business, “and I just kept going,” she says. She achieved the 80K VIP rank last April and transformed her THRIVE business from a side hustle into a full-time gig.

Her next goal is to achieve the 200K rank, but in her mind, she’s already achieved something even bigger: control over her time. “Working seven days a week, I missed out on so much time with my friends and family,” she says. “Being a Promoter has truly changed the dynamic of my relationships with others. And that’s been life changing.”

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