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Believe in sharing your story

After the THRIVE Experience inspired Meredith Wright’s weight- loss journey, she knew she had to share it with others

Meredith Wright couldn’t believe her eyes. It was August 2019, and she saw a Facebook post of a friend she hadn’t seen all summer. The woman, who taught at the Christian school where Wright was principal, looked like a different person.

“When I first saw her, I thought, ‘What in the world? That can’t be Leah,’” remembers Wright, who immediately called her friend and asked her what she was doing to improve her health.

She explained that she had started the THRIVE Experience and adopted a healthier eating plan.

“I wanted in,” says Wright, who ate a poor diet, which often included coffee, greasy cheeseburgers and candy bars.
Wright’s teacher friend put her in touch with a Promoter who gave her a sample.

“On Day 1, I felt more energetic,” says the busy principal, who would rush home each day from school to care for her three boys. “I wasn’t exhausted by the time I got home.”

By the second week of THRIVING, Wright noticed even more dramatic results. She wasn’t craving fast food or coffee, and she had the energy to prepare healthy meals for her family at the end of the workday.

She continued her THRIVE Experience and also changed her eating habits. Six months after she started using THRIVE, she’d lost the weight she set as her goal and was successfully progressing towards her envisioned transformation.

At that point, she hit the Promoter button and celebrated by posting about her weight-loss journey and showing before and after pics on Facebook.

“I was so proud of myself that I just wanted a pat on the back,” she says. But what she got instead was a flood of messages from people asking her how she’d adopted her new healthy lifestyle.

“Looking back now, I hated that I waited that long to tell people what I was doing,” says Wright. “I felt like everyone around me deserved to know about THRIVE.”

Once Wright realized that she could help others by sharing her THRIVE story, she started telling everyone who would listen.

“Looking back now, I hated that I waited that long to tell people what I was doing.”

And people were all ears. When Wright was running around the playground with her kids after school and all the moms who were sitting on benches wanted to know how she had so much energy, she told them about the THRIVE Experience.

Ditto for people she encountered at her school, church and even at her sons’ basketball, football and soccer games. With her DFT always showing, “Parents come up to me and ask, ‘Hey, what’s that?’” she says.

If someone approaches her saying they’re craving a soda, Wright offers them Activate, Le-Vel’s on-the-go premium powder beverage that supports energy and mental clarity.

Through sharing her story and helping others start the THRIVE Experience, Wright earned her 12K VIP rank. A year later, she reached the 200K milestone.

Now, with Le-Vel’s highest rank under her belt, Wright intends to help her team reach their own personal goals. She works with a number of pastors, missionaries and evangelists who became Promoters as a side hustle. “Everybody’s goals are different,” she says of her team members.

“I’m excited to show them how THRIVE can help them reach theirs.”

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