Promoter Meredith Fuller
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in yourself

After the THRIVE Experience put a smile back on her face, Meredith Fuller discovered how to help others find happiness, too

In 2016, Meredith Fuller often began her day crying in the shower. “I was a mess,” says the mom of two. Fuller, who was home-schooled and never attained her GED, was stuck in a dead-end job and worried about her physical and mental health.

“I lost my sense of joy,” she says, “and I could feel it in my body.”

Fuller was exhausted from working around-the-clock at a restaurant to help her family make ends meet, and her body had general discomforts.

One day, she saw a friend’s post on Facebook that spoke to her. “It said, ‘Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?’” Fuller remembers. She responded to the friend, who told her about the THRIVE Experience and sent her a sample.

She felt something immediately after she took her Premium Lifestyle Capsules that first morning. “I didn’t even get to the second step, and I was already feeling happy,” she says. By the time she got into the shower that day, “I was crying tears of joy, rather than sadness.”

On Day 10 of her THRIVE Experience, she realized she’d been sleeping more restfully for several nights and hadn’t felt tempted to eat junk food in days.

Fuller knew she needed to continue THRIVING and her friend showed her how to THRIVE for free by getting her husband and her sister to THRIVE, too. She also encouraged her to become a Promoter so that she could earn commissions.

Fuller pressed the Promoter button in late October of that year, and she hit her first VIP bonus within 14 days. She kept sharing her story and within 12 weeks, she’d qualified for her first monthly Auto Bonus.

Fuller was walking through Walmart when her Promoter friend called her with the news about her latest rank.

“I started crying right there in the store,” she says. “That’s when I fell in love with the business opportunity.”

“There’s nothing more powerful than helping someone find belief in themself.”

Fuller quit her job at the restaurant to pursue her THRIVE business full time, and her boss told her she could have her job back when her business venture failed.

Determined not to let that happen, she achieved success as a Promoter for a few years. Then a leader on her team left the company. Fuller worried that she didn’t have the experience to lead a team and considered throwing in the towel.

So, she contacted a Promoter she admired and asked how she could go on without someone’s direction. The woman’s answer: “You don’t need anybody except yourself.”

The message stuck with Fuller, and she readjusted her mindset. “My lack of leadership didn’t matter,” she says. “What mattered was that I believed enough in myself to achieve what I was going for.”

Fuller started running with her THRIVE business again. “I just got really loud and proud about the THRIVE Experience and my confidence rubbed off on other people on my team,” she says.

She reached her 80K VIP rank in early 2021 and kept pushing to close the year out as a 200K.

Her next goal is to become a Millionaire Award Recipient and help her team members do the same. “There’s nothing more powerful than helping someone find belief in themself,” she says.

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