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A Mom’s Promise

Mallory Almodovar

Mallory Almodovar will never forget the day, more than two years ago, when she was in the grocery store with her young daughter Aubree. “I’m never going to do this to you again,” she remembers telling her daughter after she returned a box of pancakes Aubree wanted to the store’s shelf because it didn’t fit in the family’s budget. “It was heartbreaking to disappoint her.”

For months, Almodovar and her growing family had been struggling. A few years earlier, she was forced to leave the Air Force due to an injury and needed to take two jobs to help her family make ends meet. But the jobs weren’t enough to cover the family’s bills; plus, Almodovar was already dreading the thought of missing key milestones with her soon-to-be-born child.

“I watched my son sit up for the first time on my cell phone,” says Almodovar, who remembers tearing up one day at work as she realized her son Elijah “was growing up without me. All I wanted to do was stay home and take care of my babies.”

In June of 2020, a friend gave her a sample of the THRIVE Experience, and the product got her attention. “I used to lie around and just be miserable and exhausted while my kids were outside having fun,” she says. But as soon as she began following her three simple steps, “I felt so great that I wanted to run outside and play,” she says. “That’s when I realized I had my hands on gold.”

My No. 1 goal was to bring other men and women along with me and offer them hope, like someone had offered to me.

When Almodovar’s Promoter friend told her about the opportunity to promote the THRIVE Experience, she jumped at the chance to work in a business that would allow her to stay home with her kids. “I told my upline, ‘I’m going to be your biggest rock star,’” she remembers, “and I just hit the ground running – hard.”

Her husband Mike became a Promoter, too, and Almodovar made good on her promise. She shattered her VIP bonuses and hit the 4K VIP rank in the first month. In April of 2021, she reached her 80K rank. A few months later, her rank slipped, but instead of focusing on that, she focused on helping more people THRIVE.

“My No. 1 goal was to bring other men and women along with me and offer them hope, like someone had offered to me,” she says. “I asked every single person who joined my team, ‘What made you reach out to me?’”
Their responses – which usually involved creating a better life for their children – is what kept her going. Now, Almodovar has regained her rank and has set a goal to reach her 200K milestone.

Looking back now, she can’t believe how much she’s accomplished. “I joined Le-Vel because of a box of pancakes, but what I got instead was precious time with my family and the opportunity to help others make their dreams come true,” she says. “There’s no price tag on those types of things.”

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