Looking Great

Pump It Up

An array of new, smart home-fitness equipment is making workouts as effective as they are convenient. Here are four on our radar

Oculus Meta Quest 2

Getting fit with the help of Oculus Meta Quest 2 virtual reality (VR) headsets offers not just fun but also a true adventure. While you work up a sweat, you can play games on your own time, wherever and whenever you want. What makes these apps effective is they are gamified with virtual environments that are powerful and ever-changing.

There are dozens of VR programs that burn calories and a few specifically focused on exercise. Whether you’re dodging swings in The Thrill of the Fight, or landing punches in FitXR, VR is a fantastic way to get your cardio engaged and is such fun you might forget you are actually working out.

Options include FitXR, an immersive virtual fitness club that offers classes in three distinct studios: Box, Dance and HIIT. Another popular choice is Supernatural where you squat and smash your workout in exotic locales, including the Galapagos Islands, a volcano in Ethiopia or literally out of this world, as in Mars. oculus.com

MIRROR from Lululemon

Much more than just a mirror, this smart home gym offers more than 10,000 classes on demand, over 50 genres and new live classes every day. Options include Latin dance, kettlebell, weight training, dance cardio, bootcamp and more. You can also participate in one-on-one training sessions with a dedicated professional who will tailor and personalize your workout. Heart rate, rep counts, weight recommendations and personalization options for every fitness level are offered, as well. Best of all, it makes working out easy and accessible for users at any fitness level. mirror.co


Using AI and advanced robotics, OxeFit is a smart and effective training system that offers cross-functional workouts, including rowing, swimming and skiing. OxeFit combines cardio and traditional strength training equipment in a single, smart platform. Minimalistic, all-in-one gyms use a screen to display real-time statistics, like how well you perform with a given exercise. The system has three different configurations – Flex, Flow and Peak – all incorporating strength, cardio and balance components to ensure your workout is entirely personalized.

With the OxeFit system, assessment, coaching, training and measurement occur simultaneously and work synergistically with existing technology. Real-time feedback of these metrics helps exercisers achieve the most efficient workouts. Even better, the metrics are used to generate your next workout for optimal effectiveness. oxefit.com


The world’s smartest dumbbells are powered by future-facing artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics and they optimize to your exercise needs as you use them. They auto-adjust, rumble and pulse to guide your tempo, enhance your form and empower you to keep pushing forward. It’s like having your own personal trainer, coaching you on. kabatafitness.com