Rosalyn Vance
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Six years ago, Rosalyn Vance became a THRIVE Promoter — and embarked on a personal development journey that changed her life

In 2016, Rosalyn Vance quietly watched as her sister, who lived nearby, became a THRIVE Promoter. “Our little town was blowing up with THRIVE” as her sister shared the products with everyone she knew. Soon, it seemed like everyone in their town in West Virginia was THRIVING except for Rosalyn. So nearly a year later, she decided to give the THRIVE Experience a try.

At first, she didn’t notice anything different. But by Day 10, “I really started feeling what everyone else was talking about,” she says. “My mood had elevated, and I stopped having the afternoon crashes
I used to have. I felt like I was giving my family the best ‘me.’”

Vance was intrigued by the opportunity to become a Promoter, but she didn’t think she had what it took to be successful. “I was very nervous, shy and scared,” says Vance, who didn’t even have a Facebook account. As a conservative Pentecostal who was accustomed to keeping to herself and dressing modestly, Vance says she “wasn’t used to putting myself out there.”

But with her sister’s help, she created a Facebook account and started going live to talk about the THRIVE Experience. “I cringe when I look back at my Facebook memories,” she says. “I didn’t really like the early posts I made; they were awkward and sales-y.”

Vance drew strength from passages in the Bible to gain confidence and keep going. One verse stuck with her: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

“The personal development that has come with THRIVE has been life-changing for me. It’s been an incredible journey.”

“I used my faith and relied on scriptures to keep moving forward,” she says. Vance also studied what other successful Promoters were doing and was diligent about completing her daily Income-Producing Activities (IPAs). Even though she was tentative at first, she realized that she needed to reach out regularly to her upline to learn new strategies and gain confidence. “I started carving out time each day and looking at THRIVE as a real business,” she says.

Eventually, Vance felt herself coming out of her shell. She became more comfortable reaching out to new people and she started finding her groove on social media.

“I started sharing more things that were of value to people,” she says. In addition to talking about THRIVE on Facebook, Vance says she began providing recipes and cooking videos and even shared tips for maintaining a long hairstyle.

She also started posting motivational messages that struck a chord with her. “I encourage women like me not to shrink themselves down, but to lift themselves up and stand tall,” she says.
Her business began to gain momentum, and she hit a high rank of 200K VIP in 2021; her husband Joseph is now a Promoter as well.

Her THRIVE business dipped a bit in 2022, but Vance is committed to once again reach that 200K VIP rank in the near future. As her business grows, she can’t help but reflect on how far she’s come.
“Before the THRIVE Experience, I had never been able to stop feeling stuck inside myself,” she says. “Now, I’m comfortable in my own skin. The personal development that has come with THRIVE has been life-changing for me. It’s been an incredible journey.”

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