Kristy Mumpower
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Perfect timing

Working from home with a broken ankle, Kristy Mumpower was tired and stressed. Then she found the THRIVE Experience and gained both energy and a new business opportunity

“If she posts one more time about that THRIVE stuff, I’m going to delete her.” That’s what Kristy Mumpower remembers saying to herself in the summer of 2021 when an acquaintance kept posting on social media about the THRIVE Experience and how great it made her feel. “I just scrolled by each post, not paying attention to what she was saying,” Mumpower says.

But then something happened that caught the busy mom’s attention and changed her perspective. The THRIVE Promoter’s daughter joined the same cheerleading team as Mumpower’s daughter, and she drove up one day in a brand-new car that she purchased after earning Le-Vel’s Auto Bonus.

“I was like, ‘Okay, did you really earn that car by Promoting the THRIVE Experience? Tell me more about these products!’” The woman explained how the THRIVE Experience had given her “a ton of energy” and helped with weight management and mood support. And, she detailed the Auto Bonus program and how it gave her the opportunity to earn a bonus towards her new car.

“I left that conversation and couldn’t stop thinking about it,” Mumpower says. “I’d been tired and cranky for months, and I loved the idea of earning the Auto Bonus.”

At the end of July of that year, Mumpower decided to try the THRIVE Experience. She was on leave from her job as an ultrasound technician after breaking her ankle. “It was a very stressful time for me,” she says. “I wasn’t getting a paycheck, and I was exhausted from pushing myself around on one of those scooters. If there ever was a time to try the products, this was it.”

On the first day that she completed her three simple steps, she was full of energy and found herself scrubbing her baseboards at home.

On Day 10, Mumpower caught herself singing.

“At that moment, I realized that I’d felt happy and motivated 10 straight days in a row.
That was my ‘aha!’ moment.”

She signed up to be a THRIVE Promoter and spent all her time promoting the THRIVE Experience while she recovered at home.

“No matter how busy I am, one thing that’s non-negotiable for me is to keep strengthening the relationships with my customers.”

She set her sights on earning her Auto Bonus and achieved it on her 29th day as a Promoter.
Mumpower eventually went back to her job as an ultrasound technician, but she continued working on her THRIVE business every moment she could.

“I became very intentional with my time,” she says, waking up early in the morning to plan social media posts, dedicating her lunch breaks at work and creating solid blocks of time each evening to promoting the THRIVE Experience.

While growing her THRIVE business, Mumpower takes great care to keep in touch with her Autoship customers, checking in regularly and sending them goodie bags with THRIVE samples and handwritten thank-you notes. “No matter how busy I am, one thing that’s non-negotiable for me is to keep strengthening the relationships with my customers,” she says.

Her hard work continues to pay off: In February of 2022, Mumpower qualified for her first Lifestyle Getaway, to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and the next month she achieved her Auto Elite Bonus. Her next goal is to achieve the 80K VIP rank, and she’s well on her way to doing so. After that? “I hope to walk across the stage at THRIVEpalooza and earn my 200K rank,” she says. And she has no reason to believe it won’t happen. “I’ve learned that if you’re super focused in this business, success
will come,” she says.

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