Living the Premium Lifestyle

The success shown in these profiles is not typical of the success, if any, a Le-Vel Brand Promoter can or will have. There are no financial guarantees.

Promoter Tiffany Haggamaker
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in living out loud

Tiffany Haggamaker was just going through the motions of her life, but after she tried the THRIVE Experience, she finally felt alive In 2017, Tiffany Haggamaker was known among her friends as a Debbie Downer. For a few years, she’d been dealing with general discomforts in her body and was […]

Promoter Ashley Mincey
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in enjoying life

Before the THRIVE Experience, Ashley Mincey was so exhausted that all she wanted was to hop back into bed; now, she’s able to enjoy every waking hour Five years ago, Ashley Mincey says she was just muddling through life the best she could. A busy human resources manager with two […]

Promoter Beau Swope
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in transformations

An embarrassing incident on the job gave Beau Swope the motivation to try the THRIVE Experience – and transform his life It was one of the most humiliating days of Beau Swope’s life. On an early summer day in 2019, Swope, who worked as a foreman for an electrical contractor, […]

Promoter Kelly Hindman
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in blessings

Kelly Hindman knew the THRIVE Experience was the answer to her prayers, but it took some time before she truly understood the opportunity before her In the spring of 2014 Kelly Hindman prayed night after night, “Lord, I just want to feel like the old Kelly again.” Hindman had recently […]