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A Survivor’s Story

Heather Fitzpatrick

In the spring of 2014, Heather Fitzpatrick wasn’t feeling like herself. Her daughters, who were in high school at the time, noticed that she just seemed to be going through the motions. “I think I was feeling sorry for myself, and sometimes I just wanted to get back in bed and pull the covers over my head,” Fitzpatrick says.

After losing both parents and winning a recent battle with cancer, Fitzpatrick says she struggled daily getting back to the “Heather-ness” state that seemed to be long gone. She had forgotten what it was like to feel happy, and she struggled as a mother and wife.

A friend told her about the THRIVE Experience, and she decided to give it a try – secretly. “I kind of wanted to find out if it was legit first,” she says.

Her sister was the first one to notice something was different. “She thought I seemed happier and more energetic,” Fitzpatrick says.

“Everything in your life happens for a reason.”

Her daughters, too, noticed the difference. “They said, ‘Mom, you’re happy like you were when we were little,’ ” she says. “That’s when I knew this was a game changer.”

Fitzpatrick was so excited about THRIVE and how it made her feel that she wanted to share it with everybody, so she became a Promoter. A competitive person by nature (she played soccer and ran track when she was younger), Fitzpatrick says when a challenge is placed in front of her, “I just go for it.”

So when her Le-Vel team leader helped her set goals for herself, she found herself shattering each one quickly. “I’ve found that when I stay focused on helping other people, I’m very successful,” she says.

Now an empty nester, Fitzpatrick promotes THRIVE and also writes children’s books, but finds time to travel and spend long weekends at the beach with her husband.

Looking back, Fitzpatrick says she believes that being a cancer survivor has helped her become more determined in life and in her career. “I used to be somebody who, when something got hard, I would give up or decide I wanted to do something new,” she says. “I couldn’t do that with cancer.” When she was going through treatment, Fitzpatrick says, “There were days I didn’t want to get out of bed or go in for chemo or radiation, but I had no choice. Cancer treatment is not something you can give up on.”

Now, Fitzpatrick says she’s turned into a person with more resolve than ever.

“I firmly believe that everything in your life happens for a reason,” she says. “Cancer is part of my story. And now, being a strong woman who never gives up is part of it.”

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