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A Dream Come True

Janetta Joseph

Janetta Joseph is often asked how she found THRIVE, but she likes to say that THRIVE found her. Six years ago, when a Promoter sent her a video about the product, she was at a low point in her life. The single mom of three had just lost her job and was physically and mentally drained. “I had so much negative noise in my head that I couldn’t think straight,” she says.

The Promoter insisted that THRIVE could help her feel more energetic and achieve a more positive mental state – and it did. She was a Day 1 THRIVER. “Suddenly, I felt like Wonder Woman!” she says. “For the first time in a long time, I could think clearly, and I had the energy I needed to sort through things and come up with a plan for my life.”

The first thing she did was become a Promoter and tell everybody about THRIVE. “I literally felt like I was handpicked to be exactly where I was,” she says. “I started waking up with a grateful heart and thankful every day that I had a product that made me feel better and that I could share with others.”

“I believe that you’re never given a dream without the power within you to make it happen.”

Joseph says she got addicted “to seeing the light turn on in people’s eyes” when they tried THRIVE. Moreover, she saw that THRIVE might help her achieve her dream of earning an income while staying home with her children.

“I remember spending a lot of time thinking to myself, ‘What amount of money would somebody have to pay me where I would say that it’s worth leaving my kids to go to work.’ But every time I thought about it, I would get sick to my stomach.”

She saw Promoters around her earning Auto Bonuses and top ranks, and she resolved to do the same.

“I knew if there were 200K VIPs in the company, I could be one of them,” she says. “I believe that you’re never given a dream without the power within you to make it happen,” and that thought propelled her. One year later, Joseph became the first African American woman to achieve Le-Vel’s 200K VIP rank.

When she hit that rank, she reset her goals to achieve Le-Vel’s Millionaire Award – which she achieved this year. But even after reaching that goal, she hasn’t slowed down at all. “My next goal is to help a ton more people have the kind of success I’ve had.

“When I wake up every day, I get excited to find the people who are praying for me to help them and I pray that I can find them,” she says. “That’s what really keeps me going.”

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