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Gut Reaction

Stephanie and Joey Graczyk

Some Promoters stumble upon the opportunity to THRIVE when they’re not looking for it. That’s what happened to Stephanie Graczyk three and a half years ago, when a friend noticed that she and her husband were lacking restful sleep at night and had no energy. She gave them some THRIVE samples to try.

“I said I’d try them even though I was sure they wouldn’t work,” Stephanie remembers. “Boy, did I put my foot in my mouth.” Just a few days into her THRIVE Experience, she began “having the most restful sleep I remember having in a long time.”

Her husband, Joey, a self-proclaimed “health freak” who hesitates even to take ibuprofen, says he felt so good he was able to “supercharge” his exercise routine. “Not only was he able to work out longer, but his recovery was quicker,” she says.

At that time, Stephanie was working as an independent consultant for a different company, but “something in my gut was telling me that these three simple steps were my family’s future.”

Stephanie was so excited about THRIVE that she sat down on a Zoom call with some team members from her company and told them about her experience. “What if I told you there was a business opportunity out there with an amazing product you can get for free, and you got paid weekly, and
there were no website fees?” she remembers asking her group. “Of course they all said, ‘Does anything like that even exist?’ ”

She gave several team members samples of THRIVE, and Stephanie and several of her colleagues hit the Promoter button, as did Joey.

She achieved her 12K VIP rank in four months and earned her Auto Bonus. Now, Stephanie is driving her dream car and is striving to become a Millionaire Award recipient by the end of the year. What’s driving her success?

“I’m inspired to help others like me,” she says. Graczyk, once a teen mom, had never dreamed of such a future for herself.

“I have a soft spot in my heart for struggling moms, because I used to struggle, too,” she says. “Years ago, I never dreamed that I would have the opportunities that I do now.”

Their success as THRIVE Promoters has allowed the Graczyks to take their children on Lifestyle Getaways and help them pursue their hobbies.

The couple’s youngest son “is a big fishing guy,” so the Graczyks have purchased fishing gear and built a fishing house for him. “We’re able to say ‘yes’ to our kids a lot more than we used to,” she says.

To help spread the word about the opportunity to promote THRIVE, Stephanie takes to social media daily. “I’ll show a picture of my earned vehicle that’s sitting in my driveway and remind people that a car payment is the second-highest bill in a family household,” she says. “Or maybe I’ll post a picture of our family on vacation.

“I want people to know that life doesn’t always have to be a struggle,” she says.

©Betsy Hansen

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