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Fit on the Farm

Emily Henry

Emily Henry wasn’t looking for a business opportunity when she found THRIVE in 2017. Not only was she helping her husband manage the family’s 1,100-head dairy farm, but she was handling the day-to-day activities of her two teenagers (both of whom were active in sports and 4-H), working as an accountant, and breeding golden retrievers.

“I didn’t need one more thing to do,” says the busy mom, who also traded on the stock market in her free time. But then her friend posted something on Facebook that stopped her in her tracks: “She wrote about how she was selling her coffee pot,” says Henry, who was shocked to see that the woman, a new mom, had given up coffee.

The friend convinced her that THRIVE could help her in her quest to live a healthier lifestyle. Henry started the three simple steps while also adopting healthier eating habits. “I wasn’t a Day 1, or even a Day 10 THRIVER,” she says. But a month in, her husband asked her what she’d been doing differently. “Not only had I lost weight, but I had the most energy I’d ever had, and I suddenly knew it was THRIVE.”

Henry’s husband, who awoke every morning at 4 a.m., was interested in trying the product, too. Her friend told her how Henry could THRIVE for free by referring two customers, “and I thought that was the cat’s meow.”

Henry’s friends saw her wellness transformation and were asking for the product, too, and she discovered she could earn special bonuses for helping people to THRIVE in the first 14 days as a Promoter. “That’s when things really blew up,” she says. Henry and her husband hit the Promoter button and the couple achieved the 12K VIP rank in 21 days; both reached the 40K rank milestone in March of 2018 and hit 80K in April. Last March, Henry reached the 200K mark.

Now, she works as a full-time Promoter and does accounting on the side simply because she enjoys it. “I have the best of all worlds now,” she says. “I enjoy my career and also more time with my family.”

Henry attributes her success as a Promoter to the fact that she shares her story consistently on social media. “So many people love the product but they’re passive in the way they approach people,” she says. “I’m the opposite. I am very intentional about posting about how the product has benefited me.

“I’ll post a picture of me wearing my DFT with a big smile on my face and say, ‘I’ve been up since 4 o’clock this morning and I just finished a workout. Who is this new person?’ ”

The key, she says, is to be authentic in telling your story. “There are people who are struggling with things they’re not necessarily willing to share with you,” she says. “So the more stories you share, the more you might solve a problem for someone that you didn’t even know they had.”

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