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Talia Roder

When Talia Roder first tried THRIVE in April of 2015, she noticed a few changes right off the bat. An elementary school teacher and a mom to three young children, Roder said she began noticing she had more energy at the end of the school day.

Three weeks in, she noticed that her generalized aches had calmed. She also realized that she no longer had discomfort in her knees when she ran, and soon gave up her daily cup of coffee.

But it wasn’t until she started sharing her THRIVE Experience on a phone call that “things really clicked for me,” she says. “It made me reflect on where I was when I started.

“I realized I had so many friends in the same position as me that I might as well sign up a few so I could THRIVE for free,” she says. “I never imagined it would be a career.”

Once Roder signed up to be a Promoter and started getting initial bonuses, “it just became so much fun.

“I was still teaching people, but in a different way.”

“I’m a really motivated person, so when I saw all of the opportunities available to me, I said, ‘I can do this.’ ” She quickly hit her 1600 VIP rank and kept going. Six months later, she decided to become a full-time Promoter. Eleven months in, she hit the rank of 200K.

Her favorite part: “I was still teaching people, but in a different way,” she says. “I looked at every single person who ordered the product not just as someone who liked THRIVE, but as someone who was going to achieve the 200K rank … and I made it my personal goal to help them get there.”

She relishes the idea of helping others see their potential. “I love to help other women realize that they can do this,” she says. “People sometimes don’t think they’re smart enough or good enough to be a Promoter, but I like to tell people, ‘You’re in the perfect storm of a stellar product and an amazing company. If you stay consistent and work hard, there’s no way you’re ever going to do it wrong.’ ”

When members of her team hit a roadblock, she helps them keep things in perspective. “Life is always going to happen,” she says. “A parent might get sick or you might go through a divorce, or your business might go through some ebbs and flows.

“During times like that, it’s important not to panic – you just need to keep going,” she says. “If you just keep doing the activities each day that have made you successful, your business will keep moving forward.”

She’s also a big believer in creating vision boards – and encourages others to do the same.

“When you put all of your goals in view, you’ll be able to accomplish anything,” she says.

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