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Seeing the Light

Laura Seprish

Five years ago, Laura Seprish was a stressed-out mom of three, living paycheck to paycheck and dealing with a failing marriage and a sister who was dying. “I had a lot of heaviness in my heart,” she says.

In the midst of what she calls “the most emotionally trying time in my life,” a family member introduced her to THRIVE and shared Le-Vel’s Facebook fan page with her. She was struck as she scrolled through story after story about people whose lives had been transformed by the THRIVE Experience. “Seeing the light behind the people’s eyes was what captivated me,” she says. “I wanted to have that light.”

Those stories stuck with her as she spent the next few weeks contemplating whether or not to try the product and become a Promoter. After researching THRIVE “and a lot of praying,” she decided to try the THRIVE Experience for herself.

She wasn’t a THRIVER from the start. It took a few months before she really noticed anything, “and then it hit me hard,” she says. As she was training to do a 223-mile relay race with her girlfriends, she realized she was recovering from her runs faster. But more importantly, “it was the emotional stability that blew me away,” she says. “I was no longer stressed out and exhausted. I just had a sense of calmness I hadn’t had before.”

Soon, people wanted to know what she was doing differently, and she looked around and discovered that “there were tons of other exhausted, emotionally drained people out there who I could help to feel better.”

Seprish embraced her new mission as a THRIVE Promoter and “just started going crazy telling people my story.” She got her Auto Bonus within the first four months and achieved the 200K VIP rank in just 10 months. Fast-forward five years: Now, as a single mom, Seprish is fully utilizing the income generated from being a Le-Vel Promoter. Even better, she’s able to work from home and spend more time with her children, including a son with special needs. “I never have to miss therapy sessions or anything going on at the kids’ school,” she says. “Being able to be a full-time mom and have a full-time business brings me so much joy and gratification.”

Another thing that gives her happiness is being able to bring other Promoters along on the journey. While she reached her goal of earning Le-Vel’s Millionaire Award this year, an even more important goal is “lifting the rest of the team up with me. I want to help people live the kind of life and have the kind of peace that I’ve been able to have.

“I’m in this for the long haul,” she says.

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