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Misty Skelton

When Misty Skelton tried THRIVE in 2017, she didn’t realize she was starting a local movement. Skelton, who was a cheer coach and art teacher at the time, says she saw one of the cheerleaders’ moms transform “right before my eyes. She was losing weight and was just glowing.”

One day, Skelton cornered the woman and asked her what her secret was. The woman told her about THRIVE and gave her a three-day sample. “I was so excited I couldn’t sleep the night she gave it to me,” Skelton says.

Although she wasn’t an early riser, Skelton awoke at 4:30 the next morning because she was eager to try the three simple steps. “I just knew my life was about to change.” And she was right. “Within 45 minutes, I felt so invigorated I started organizing drawers and cabinets,” she says.

When Skelton arrived early to work that day, the school principal asked her what was going on. “I’m usually that teacher coming in late on two wheels, having someone cover my class,” she says. She told the principal, ‘I’m THRIVING, and it’s amazing and you’re going to love it!’”

Skelton became a Promoter on a Tuesday and announced on Facebook that she was having an open house that Sunday for potential THRIVERS. “People from all over the community came, and I signed up three as Promoters,” she remembers.

Since she began THRIVING, Skelton says she’s lost 90 pounds and “gained a phenomenal amount of energy,” by combining THRIVE with a healthy eating and fitness plan. Now, Skelton and her family host THRIVE pep rallies at her home every Thursday where she offers tips on how to maximize the THRIVE Experience. The school principal is a fellow Promoter, as is his wife.

Some weeks, Skelton helps those who show up with grocery lists so they can make healthy food choices; other weeks, she’ll teach participants how to create kid-friendly meals.

She retired from her teaching job this year so that she could THRIVE full-time while spending more time with her family. This spring, she was able to accompany her daughter to a cheerleading competition at Disney World; recently she and her family even created an outdoor living space to enjoy family dinners together.

But the best part about being a Promoter is seeing how she’s made a difference in her community. Through THRIVE, she’s helped create a community of caring individuals who won’t hesitate to help others.

Her team often gets involved with local charities, and they sponsored a booth at the town New Year’s celebration where they gave $1,000 away to a local organization.

“Being so involved in the community, and with each other’s families, makes our group very special,” she says.

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