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A Shining Light

Kaylie Kroup

Three years ago, Kaylie Kroup was quietly looking for a new business opportunity. “I actually wasn’t interested in taking any nutritional products,” says Kroup, who watched friends talk about THRIVE on Facebook before she started asking questions.

But she was intrigued when she heard so many people talking about how much energy THRIVE had given them. “You rarely see a product that seems to work for absolutely everybody.

Kroup ended up purchasing a sample of the THRIVE Experience and then getting on a Zoom call to learn about becoming a Promoter. “Both the product and the opportunity immediately got my attention,” she says.

She was a Day 1 Thriver. “I used to call myself a skinny out of shape girl, because I looked okay but didn’t feel great,” she says. “That all changed with THRIVE.” THRIVE served as the inspiration for her to create a healthier lifestyle. She began eating healthier and drinking more water. “I started feeling great and I was bubbling over, wanting to share it with people,” she says. Instead of coming home after taking her kids to school and jumping back into bed, Kroup says she found herself organizing closets. “My husband normally was the house cleaner — and suddenly, I wanted to do it!” she remembers.

Kroup became a Promoter and began building her network — but then life got in the way. “Some stuff happened family-wise and I started feeling overwhelmed, so I backed off for a few months,” she says.

But eventually, Kroup says she realized the opportunity she had in front of her with THRIVE. “I knew that if I just focused, everything would work out,” she says. “So I put my head down, and that’s what I did.”

Two years ago, both she and her husband hit the 80K VIP rank and this spring, she reached 200K VIP. Her husband has been able to leave his full-time position to become a full-time THRIVER alongside her. Now, the two weather their ups and downs together.

Earlier this year, when the couple’s sales briefly stalled, Kroup and her husband used it as an opportunity to double down and stay even more connected with their team members. “We started doing a lot of hangouts and Zooms with our teams, just sharing what’s going on in our lives,” she says. “During that time, we really got to know one another and kept everyone smiling.

“If you can be a shining light and a source of support for your team, you will find success,” she says.

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