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Brittany Plunkett

A year and a half ago, Brittany Plunkett and her husband realized something had to give. The duo, who had six kids as part of their blended family, had poured their hearts and souls into a new business, a used car lot, that was successful but sapped all their time and energy.

“We were selling $20 million worth of cars a year and only had 12 employees,” she remembers. “Things were incredibly stressful.”

The duo worked so hard Plunkett never had time to see her mother.

Around the same time, Plunkett, a former nurse, says her daughter’s cheer coach was talking about how she was going to try THRIVE. “Two weeks later, she was posting online about how alive she felt and that really clicked with me,” she says.

The cheer coach gave her a five-day sample, and she decided to try it without telling anyone. “On my first day, I could think clearer, and I was smiling,” she says. “That was a good start.”

On Day 3, she walked through the back door of her business, and her husband asked her what she was doing differently. “It was 7 a.m., and he always knew to wait to speak to me until about 10 because I was so cranky in the morning,” she says, “but I’d been coming into work smiling.”

When she told him about THRIVE, he asked her if she would share it with him.

After a month and a half, the couple decided to make a life change. The two shut down their business; Brittany became a THRIVE Promoter and her husband took a full-time position with another company that allowed him to spend more time with the family.

“I blazed through all my VIP bonuses that first month,” she says. The next month she hit the 40K VIP rank and reached 80K the month after.

But life as a Promoter has not always been an upward trajectory. “There have been some ups and downs for sure,” she says. Last July, for instance, her business stalled briefly — and so did her rank.

She used that time to check in on her customers. “I realized that you have to be truly vested in your customer’s journey as well as your own in order to be successful,” she says.

That strategy also served her well this spring, when her sales temporarily slowed, “and I had the worst financial week of my life.”

But instead of getting discouraged, she “showed up every day,” touching base with customers and team members.

“The people on my team said to themselves, ‘She’s still screaming about the benefits of THRIVE from the rooftops, so maybe I should do that, too,’ ” she says.

Plunkett achieved the 80K rank and then hit 200K only two months later, in July. “When things get tough, I dig deeper,” she says.

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