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Still Smiling

Britteni Lee

It all began with a smile.

Britteni Lee was working at an inside sales job in early 2019 when her friend Kourtney started posting on social media about her THRIVE Experience. “It was her smile that got me,” says Lee, a busy mom of two who says at the time, she “was just trying to keep my head in the game.

“At the office, I wasn’t the best person to be around, because I was always dragging,” she says. “And then trying to keep up with my boys and all of the different activities they had to do was exhausting.”

After she asked Kourtney for advice, the THRIVE Promoter grabbed her hand. “She told me that she was the happiest she’d ever been, and that she’d help me not only THRIVE — but become a Promoter as a side gig,” Lee remembers.

But Lee was skeptical. She was already tired, so another opportunity didn’t seem like the right solution. But she tried THRIVE and suddenly she was smiling along with her friend. “I remember right away feeling more relaxed and more ready to take on the day,” she says.

Even though she already had a job, Lee had checked out Kourtney’s team page on Facebook and liked what she saw. “There were so many women hitting these marks and doing team huddles together. It looked like an inspiring and motivating environment.”

Lee also liked the fact that THRIVERS simply had to tell their personal stories to get people interested in the product. “That’s the part that I really fell in love with,” she says. “I’ve had enough of sales jobs where you promise people the world and they’re not getting the world. This was a product I could honestly speak the truth about.”

Lee hit the Promoter button while she continued to work her day job, and achieved the 4K VIP rank in her first month. Over the next three months, she reached 12K. “That’s when everything changed,” she says. Her husband, who’d been skeptical at first, told her, ‘Okay, this is the real deal.’ A few months after, Lee earned a Lifestyle Getaway to Jamaica and is currently on track for the 200K rank.

One of the things other Promoters often ask her is how she’d been able to be so successful as a Promoter while maintaining a full-time job. “To do this as a side hustle, you have to be a very disciplined person,” she says. She follows a strict schedule to ensure she completes all of her planned daily activities. For example, she gets up each morning to create a list of potential THRIVERS she plans to reach out to throughout the day. During her lunch period, she works her business from her car.

“Everybody has the same 24 hours, it’s just how you use those hours,” she says.

That kind of discipline has paid off. Lee is now working to help several members of her team earn new ranks, whether they’ve got their hearts set on 12K or 200K. “I always tell my team, ‘I want to open the door so you guys can just run through it,’ ” she says.

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