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Monica Carico

Thinking back to her life in 2020, Monica Carico can’t believe how busy she was. She had just gotten married for the second time and was working as a secretary in a state prison while also juggling an online boutique business and spending time with her two grandbabies.

“You know when you have a moment when you think maybe you should be happier, but you’re not?” Carico says. “I was having a few of those moments. Life was good, but everything was go, go, go! I didn’t have an ‘off’ button.”
Her friend, a THRIVE Promoter, knew that she was both physically and mentally exhausted and offered her free samples of the THRIVE products, but Carico politely declined.

Her friend was patient and continued offering to give her a sample. Eventually, she decided to give the THRIVE Experience a try, and was surprised to see how simple the three steps were. “I thought, ‘If I can truly get results from something that is this simple, maybe this could be good for me,’” Carico says.

In the first few days, Carico noticed “a small, pleasant burst of energy” after taking the products, but wondered if it was all in her head. However, after two weeks of THRIVING, not only did she feel a boost of energy – but she noticed a big improvement in mental clarity, too.

She placed her first order for THRIVE products in January of 2021 and became a Promoter the next month. “My initial thinking was that if I could just get a few people to THRIVE with me so I could THRIVE for free, then I’d be good,” she says.

But after her daughter became a Promoter and she got two additional customers, Carico earned her VIP800 bonus. “Seeing that bonus made me hungry for more,” she says. “It showed me that this company rewards people better than any others I’d seen or heard about.”

“We enjoy some fun, healthy competition working the business together.”

In April of 2021, Carico reached the 40K VIP rank. Three months later, she reached the 80K milestone, and is now working toward her 200K rank.

Promoting the THRIVE Experience has become a family affair. Now both of Carico’s daughters are Promoters. “We enjoy some fun, healthy competition working the business together,” she says.

As she built her THRIVE business, Carico says she often joked via Facebook Messenger with fellow THRIVE Promoters that she wanted to “escape from Alcatraz,” leaving her stressful job at the prison behind.
In March of 2022, she decided to focus full-time on growing her THRIVE business.

Now, as she puts all her efforts into Promoting, Carico reminds herself of something that Le-Vel Co-Founder Paul Gravette said during a meeting she attended. “He said, ‘When people say ‘THRIVE,’ you want to be the one they think of as ‘The THRIVE Lady.’

“That’s what I strive to be every day now,” she says.

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