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Going Remote

Your places to get work done on the road…psst, none of them are coffee shops Forget Starbucks. Yes, coffee houses can be convenient spots to get some work done while traveling (especially if they have free Wi-Fi!) but many are becoming overcrowded with people who have the same idea as […]

Range Rover SUV
Good Life

A High Bar

Land Rover’s 2023 Range Rover combines British opulence with impressive durability to set a new standard for luxury SUVs Visceral. Dramatic. Uncompromising. Those are the words Land Rover uses to describe the newest Range Rover sport, and it lives up to the hype. While its design is more minimalist than […]

Good Life

House Warmers

Four out-of-the-ordinary gifts that will instantly make you the star of the party Sure, you could bring candles or champagne to your next gathering. But wouldn’t it be nice to bring the host or hostess something a little more unexpected? Here are four gifts to give that will practically guarantee […]

Good Life

Water, Water Everywhere

These waterfalls, all located in national parks, are well worth the trek Waterfalls are beautiful to look at. But they also may have a mood-boosting benefit: Some scientists theorize that because waterfalls release negative ions that go into the bloodstream, which increases the production of serotonin, gazing at them may […]

Feeling Great

The Kindness Connection

Want to boost somebody’s spirits – and your own? Do something nice for someone. Here are 20 random acts of kindness to try today That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you do something nice for someone isn’t just in your head. A growing body of research suggests that regular, […]

Feeling Great

Drink Up!

To stay hydrated, reach for a bottle of alkaline water. Your body will thank you Mineral water. Filtered water. Glacier water. Purified water. Infused water. Sparkling water. Distilled water. You know you should be drinking more H20, but with all the different types of water on the market – each […]