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A New Lease On Life

A mother of three, Gladys Esteban completely transformed her family’s life in two years.

Just four years ago, Gladys Esteban was working three jobs, going through a divorce and taking care of her three kids – one just an infant – and barely making ends meet. “At one point, I was either going to lose my apartment or my car,” she says. “I was literally in the worst stage of my life.”

Esteban describes everything back then as a struggle: Always tired, she rushed from job to job, and watched her self-esteem plummet as she put on weight. “I also didn’t feel like a good mom,” she says. “My daughter would fall asleep in her school clothes. I was doing three jobs, but not my mom job.”

After watching a friend share his THRIVE Experience on Facebook for almost two months, Esteban finally took him up on his offer of a free sample. “The second day at 11:30 p.m., I realized I had finished everything I’d been procrastinating on,” she says. “My kids were showered and asleep in their pajamas. I had so much energy and hoped the next day would be the same. And every day it got better.”

By the fifth day, Esteban was hooked and kept going: Her sisters even noticed her happier mood and her weight loss. Then, she had the opportunity to get on a three-way call with Paul Gravette, Le-Vel co-founder and CEO. “That conversation changed everything,” she says. “I’d never talked to someone so humble, so I decided to drop one of my three jobs and become a Promoter in early 2016.”

Then, in April of that year, Esteban got some sobering news. Her ex-husband and children’s father had died from a stroke. “Two weeks later, I got it together and realized that Le-Vel had come into my life for a reason,” she says. “I needed to be financially free so I could raise my kids.”

That month, her team hit 40K. “After that we didn’t stop,” says Esteban, who quit her remaining two jobs at the end of 2016. “Now I’m debt-free, and a 100 percent stay-at-home mom and 100 percent entrepreneur.”

Esteban enjoys being there full-time for her kids: taking them to school, helping them with their homework and putting them to bed. “I can work from anywhere, so in the summer if we want to take a road trip, we just pack and go,” she says. 

From having to choose between her car and her apartment just a couple of years ago, Esteban now owns her home and a brand-new, luxury-edition, black Cadillac CTS.

Esteban and her team share a unique morning ritual – a 6:30 a.m. reading club. “We all read at the same time,” say Esteban, who’s reading Unleash the Power Within, by Tony Robbins,
right now.

At THRIVEpalooza in New Orleans in 2018, Esteban felt ready to hit her 200K rank. “I really gave myself over to that event,” she says. “I got on stage and asked my team to take my picture. I said, ‘Next year, I’m going to be on stage being recognized for 200K.’ And I’m going to do it this year. I did that to show my team it’s possible. For us, 2017 was great, 2018 was amazing and 2019 is going to hit it out of the park.” 

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