Living the Premium Lifestyle

The New Normal

Busy mom Cecilia Sagrero discovered a new path to financial freedom – and her dream life.

For Cecilia Sagrero, a cancer survivor of four years and counting, the status quo just wasn’t enough. The busy wife and mother of three wanted more than working a lot of hours away from her family, as a caterer on private jets.

“I’ve always been a hard worker, but I was so tired all the time, even though I’m health conscious and eat right,” says Sagrero, who met a Promoter one day when she was out at a restaurant having lunch with her kids. “She noticed I was tired and she wanted to introduce me to products that would help with my energy levels and weight management.”

Since I believe so strongly in the THRIVE Experience, it’s easy for me to stay motivated.” 

That day, Sagrero took home her new samples and started her THRIVE Experience. “When I began my three simple steps, I noticed that something was different,” she says. “I was cleaning my house in a way that I didn’t normally do.”

Within six weeks, Sagrero noticed she was losing some weight too, ultimately shedding a total of 25 pounds. “At the end of my first couple of months on the THRIVE Experience, I learned more about the benefits of becoming a Promoter, and then I jumped right in,” she says.

Sagrero’s a true weekend warrior, fitting her business into the nooks and crannies of her day by working her Le-Vel business into the weekends when she’s not at her full-time job.  But no matter where she is, she’s constantly sharing her experience with THRIVE. “I’m so passionate about the products, so I can’t wait to share with people,” she says. 

In Sagrero’s first three months as a Promoter, she says her husband was skeptical, but when he saw her first commission check, “he was like, ‘Hey, maybe there’s something here.’ Now we’re THRIVING together,” she says.

Sagrero, who became a Promoter in November 2018, hit her 12K rank quickly and is on the way to earning her Auto Bonus. “Since I believe so strongly in the THRIVE Experience, it’s easy for me to stay motivated even though I also have a full-time job,” she says.

Looking ahead, Sagrero wants to make 2019 the year she can replace her full-time income with Le-Vel. “I’m tired of having a boss and not enough time with my family,” says Sagrero, who’s aiming for 80K rank and then 200K rank. “I really see a future for myself with this company.”

She’s also looking forward to the Le-Vel Getaways. “I can’t wait to enjoy real quality time with my family,” she says.

In her current day job, Sagrero didn’t feel like she received professional development opportunities. “Now, through Le-Vel, I’ve experienced so much personal and professional growth,” she says. “I’m part of a daily 6:30 a.m. reading club, so I’m growing my mindset every day.”

Sagrero’s proudest of the change she’s experienced in herself. “I want people to know that they can have this extra income, even when they’re working full time,” she says. “It’s possible if you just make the decision.”

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