Living the Premium Lifestyle

Full Speed Ahead

Jennifer Williams had great success within weeks of becoming a Promoter. Now she’s set the bar even higher.

Just under a year ago, Jennifer Williams was scrolling through Facebook when something caught her eye. Her friend, who had recently become a THRIVE Promoter, had posted a photograph of herself in front of a brand-new white Audi Q7 that she had earned in her new role. “I had to do a double take,” says Williams, a mom of four who worked full-time as an insurance broker. “Here I was struggling in a job I didn’t like just to make ends meet, and I was like, how in the world did this woman earn a vehicle in just two months? She must have a phenomenal product.”

The woman sent both Williams and her husband a three-day sample of THRIVE, and the couple put the packages on their nightstands. The next morning, they both took the capsules the moment they woke up. They followed up with the Lifestyle Mix a half an hour later, and put on their DFTs. Ten minutes later, Williams says she turned to her husband and said, “Is there something going on?”

“He nodded and said, ‘I feel good,’ and I told him that I felt great, too.” The days that followed were full of happy surprises for both Williams and her husband. She would get out of bed and not have to guzzle down two cups of coffee before waking her kids; her husband felt so energetic one morning that he organized the garage.

“My kids started asking me why I was so happy, and I knew that this was for real.”

“My kids started asking me why I was so happy,” Williams says, “and I knew that this was for real.”

Williams and her husband both became Promoters and hit 12K in their first month. Quickly after that, just like her friend, she earned her Auto Bonus – a 2018 Cadillac Escalade. Then, the couple qualified for a Lifestyle Getaway in Cabo San Lucas, and Williams realized she could finally achieve her dream of being her own boss. 

“I can’t tell you all of the times I had to use up all my vacation days to go to Halloween parties at my kids’ school or care for them when they were sick,” she says. “Now that I’m working for myself, I have the freedom to live the kind of life I really want to live.” Although Williams and her husband have found quick success, she says, they plan to keep their foot on the gas pedal.

She aims to hit 40K this spring and has her sights set on 200K within the next year. “I need it to happen, so it will happen,” she says. “I named it, I claimed it, it’s going to be mine.”

The success shown in these profiles is not typical of the success, if any, a Le-Vel Brand Promoter can or will have.
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