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Second Act

Le-Vel helped Bettye Shelton reconnect with her passion and purpose in life.

When Bettye Shelton retired at age 62 from a successful three-decade-long career in human resources, she felt lost. “I was in this terrible funk for three years,” she says. “I thought, ‘This is it. There’s nothing left for me to do with my life.’ I really thought my only goal was to try to stay out of a nursing home.”

The formerly health-conscious Shelton even stopped engaging in self-care, and watched herself overeat and gain weight. “I gave up on a 30-year yoga practice,” she says. 

Then, something shifted. Shelton started noticing social media posts from THRIVERS sharing how Le-Vel products had changed their lives. “I wondered, ‘How can vitamins change people’s lives like that?’ Then, after I did some research, I decided to find out for myself.” 

On the first day of her THRIVE Experience, Shelton became a believer. “I called the three simple steps my procrastination-buster,” she says. “Within 10 days, I had crossed off most of a to-do list that I had kept for three years!”

Besides kicking her coffee habit, Shelton lost weight and inches, and was sleeping better than she had in years. In the first month of her THRIVE Experience, Shelton inspired 10 other people to THRIVE. “I just shared how these products brought my physical self back to life,” she says. 

Shelton waited eight weeks before she became a Promoter, but when she did, she hit the ground running. “Suddenly, I felt to my core that I wasn’t done yet,” she says. 

While she and her husband of 40 years were already financially successful and stable, there was an intangible something that Shelton gained from becoming a Promoter and hitting her 40K rank: sharing a new view of life with people of all ages. “After a career helping others with personnel issues, now I show young people, empty nesters and retirees this amazing business opportunity that also helps them achieve personal goals,” she says. “The more I give to others, the more I receive.”

Plus, Shelton says her relationship with her supportive husband is better than it’s ever been. “There’s not a night that goes by that he doesn’t tell me how much he loves and respects me,” she says. “It thrills me to no end.”

Shelton engages in lots of professional development inside and outside of Le-Vel to keep upping her leadership skills. “I help my team zoom in on their goals so they can see what they need to do to get there.” She advises her team members to get on daily calls and attend as many Locals as they can. “Get plugged in to all the resources you have.”

At her most recent Local in Nashville, where Shelton scheduled five meetings with her team, she felt her life come full circle, as she met with people from her past (“the woman who hired me 30 years ago and a woman I cowrote a book with,” she says) and young people she’d just met. 

“The past and the future were all together in that room,” she says. “I tell people, ‘The world can be yours.’ I tell myself, ‘Hey, girl, you’re not done yet!’ ”

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