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Ashley Arnold

A hairdresser for 19 years, Ashley Arnold had grown accustomed to studying her clients in the mirror – but ignoring her own image.

“For the longest time, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, so I actually avoided looking at myself,” says Arnold. “It was almost as if I was invisible.”

But that changed in the Spring of 2016, when a client told her that she looked exhausted – and encouraged her to try the THRIVE Experience. She didn’t tell anybody she was doing it, but an employee at her salon quickly noticed. “I was in the salon one day and one of the girls asked me how I was doing and I blurted out, ‘Absolutely wonderful!!’ She laughed and said, ‘I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that come out of your mouth.’ ” 

Arnold, too, says she was surprised at her own response. “At that point, I realized that I had been feeling much better,” she says. As a salon owner, she put in many 12- to 14-hour days and worked weddings on days her salon was closed. “I didn’t even realize how run down I’d been until I started feeling good again,” she says.

She began noticing other changes as well. “My pants were falling off because I was losing weight, my moods were better and my mental clarity was definitely different,” she says.

One of Arnold’s roommates told her, “I want what you have!” and both decided to become Promoters. 

There’s only one you – you’ve got to take care of yourself!”

Just over three years later, Arnold continues to focus on wellness. She’s dropped 85 pounds and says she’s “developed a healthier relationship with food.” The best part? “I’ve got a new relationship with myself,” she says. “I finally started to love myself again.”

Eager to share her experience with others, Arnold has blown past many of the goals she’s set for herself as a Promoter and has vowed to qualify for every single Lifestyle Getaway that Le-Vel offers; she’s qualified for all eight she’s been eligible for, in addition to a VIP trip. She’s scaled back her work at the salon to only one day per week. 

While earning Getaways and bonuses is exciting, Arnold says one of the best things about being a Promoter has been her ability to gain more control over her time. “I’m always telling myself, ‘If I hit this bonus, that’s 20 hours less I’ll have to work behind the chair.’ I’ve been able to design a life that makes me happier.”

Even better: Arnold now says she looks in the mirror every day. “Now I see myself – and I’ve got a big smile across my face,” she says.

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