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Bouncing Back

Carmel Stetler

Five years ago, Carmel Stetler says she was “living the opposite of the American dream.”

After the economy crashed in 2008 and her husband lost his corporate job, the Stetlers went through several years of financial struggles. “We just couldn’t seem to get ahead,” she says.

The couple had to short sell the family’s home, and Stetler, a mother of two, helped make ends meet with her job as a lash extension artist while her husband took odd jobs. “Our hopes for the future barely had a pulse,” she says.

To make matters worse, Stetler says, she wasn’t sleeping well and her hands were aching while she was working. “My work is very meticulous, so that was a huge problem.”

A friend who sold THRIVE told her the product would give her more energy and calm general aches in her hands, so she decided to give it a try.

By Day 7, she had more energy and was able to fall asleep quickly. By Day 20, her hands were feeling better. “That was huge for me,” she says. “I felt great.”

Stetler told several friends about her experience, and they all wanted to try THRIVE. She kept referring them to her Promoter friend – until the friend suggested she become a Promoter herself. “She painted a picture for me of what my life could be like as a Promoter.”

Stetler’s friend told her how she could earn commissions, Lifestyle Getaways and even an Auto Bonus just by sharing her story. The Auto Bonus was the biggest lure.

“Always embrace the positive.”

“At the time, we were in desperate need of a reliable car and I thought to myself, ‘Can this really happen?’ ” she says.

It turned out that it could. Three months after becoming a Promoter, Stetler earned her Auto Bonus and got the family a brand-new Mercedes. Then, she earned a Lifestyle Getaway to Mexico, and her mission became even more clear.

Stetler remembers sitting by the pool with a group of Promoters who helped her “practice dreaming big.”

“Everyone impressed upon me the importance of starting every day with a positive mindset, and I went home vowing to do that.”

After that trip, Stetler says, she began journaling every morning. “I wrote down whatever thought came to my mind,” she says. “If it was something negative, I wrote the exact opposite of what I was thinking.”

Starting off the day in a positive way helped Stetler be even more successful. Suddenly she had the financial freedom to take her children on trips to theme parks, something she’d always dreamed about but could never afford.

Now, as they approach their fifties, they’re even able to see retirement in their futures.

“It may have taken a while, but we’ve finally got our American dream,” she says.

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